Teak wood that we use Premium quality, wood dried from certified sustainable forests. teak wood is very idieal for all outdoor furniture because its durability in the weather conditions of sun, rain, ice and snow effect. In addition, the character of the fiber and its color has its own characteristics.

Teak wood is classified as wood with durable class. It has a strong resistance to rot because of humid air or insect attack and easy maintenance. Teak wood also has a good resistance to weather and temperature changes. so we strongly recommend that teak wood is the best wood for outdoor furniture.

Mahogany Wood

Fine and diverse wood fiber. Appearances Mahogany wood is very good for finished with natural or classic colors. Wood crossings are very stable, mahogany is known for its shrinkage strength and shape changes, with kiln dried process, mahogany isn’t easy to crack and resistant to pest attacks The natural oil content is low, making it possible to refine the duco paint model without the risk of leaving a yellowing stain like on teak wood



Fabric that  we used to upholstered chair and sofa is Linen & Shynthetic Leather, because this material is many various colors and textures, and veri acceptable for classic or modern style


We are always concerned about design and quality molding to create the best product, and use high quality brass to support the quality of the product